Welcome to the CCCA

As the coordinating body for the promotion of climate research in Austria, the CCCA pursues the following goals:

To strengthen Austrian climate research

  • Improving the coherence of climate research in Austria
  • Increasing the efficiency of climate research (networking, synergies)
  • Creating a culture of high-quality research
  • Increasing visibility of climate research and understanding of relevance
  • Facilitating cooperation with other relevant areas of research

Facilitate the education of a new generation of researchers and supporting knowledge transfer    

  • Facilitating the education of young scientists
  • Promotion of the Young Scientists working group

To support science transfer

  • networking workshops
  • newsletter
  • intelligible publications

To advise politics and society

  •  Provision of the scientific basis for climate policies on national,  EU and international levels
  •  Provision of target-group orientated education on questions of climate change for various actors in society


15. August 2018
Ort: Congress Centrum Alpbach, Hausnummer 246, 6236 Alpbach
26. August 2018
17th Swiss Climate Summer School
Ort: Grindelwald, Switzerland
10. September 2018
10. September 2018
"Wie viel Gesellschaftskritik braucht die gesellschaftliche Transformation zur Nachhaltigkeit"
Ort: Clubraum, 18:30 Uhr, LC Gebäude, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Welthandelsplatz 1, Wien
10. September 2018 um 09:30
Symposium "Soziale Ökologie" und Preisverleihung an Marina Fischer-Kowalski
Ort: BE OPEN - Science & Society Festival Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Wien
11. September 2018
19. September 2018 um 11:30
Österreichs Energie Kongress 2018
Ort: VILA VITA PANNONIA, Storchengasse 1, 7152 Pamhagen/Burgenland
27. September 2018
28. September 2018 um 13:30
Kein Essen im Tank - Aktiv werden für das Recht auf Nahrung!
Ort: Neues Rathaus, Hauptstraße 1-5, 4041 Linz

“Joanneum Research counts among the pioneers of climate change impact research (impact, prevention, and adaptation) in Austria. From the very beginning, Joanneum Research has taken pleasure in as well as acknowledged the importance of shaping the, globally-speaking, unique opportunity of bringing together all relevant Austrian bodies and institutions under the umbrella of the Climate Change Centre Austria so as to even more successfully coordinate respective research.”

Mag. Dr. Franz Prettenthaler, M.Litt, JOANNEUM RESEARCH