Activities and Events

CCCA Activities and Events

In collaboration with and for its member institutions, the CCCA organises activities such as subject-specific workshops to foster networking (see EURO Codex events). These workshops also serve as a platform for regular feedback concerning the individual members’ needs upon which the CCCA activities are based.

As a central contact hub, the CCCA draws on the expertise and experience of its members and connects them according to respective requests. Through this unique organisation and the competences of its 23 members, who cover the entire range from physical causes for climate change to its socio-economic impact, the CCCA Service Centre is able to provide knowledge based on extensive experience and from a variety of viewpoints. Moreover, this process ensures that the sciences receive constant feedback concerning current societal needs.  

Further activities are amongst others the development of a Map of competences and the Calender with events being interesting for climate researchers.