Science Plan

Science Plan for Climate Research in Austria

The CCCA’s broad thematic approach – ranging from »classic« climate research in the natural sciences to looking into the causes and effects of climate change from socio-economic perspectives as well as from the point of view of the humanities –  was the basis for developing an interdisciplinary, national science plan for climate research. The starting point of this undertaking was the “Strategic Development of the Climate Change Centre Austria; Organizing CCCA Strategy Workshops for Developing a Science Plan for Climate Research in Austria and a Strategy for Joint Education and Further Training” project funded by the former Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research.

The science plan underwent further development, taking into consideration the research needs identified by the Austrian Assessment Report Climate Change 2014 (AAR14).

The Science Plan (Version March 2017) was approved by the Ordinary General Assembly of the CCCA is now available online: 


Science Plan

(Download pdf, German Version, final editing is still pending)


Contact at the CCCA Coordination Office

The CCCA coordinates the development of the science plan and maintains organisational matters.

Your contact person at the CCCA Coordination Office is Julia Kolar.

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