Through its activities, the CCCA also establishes contacts between networks and partners who are not part of the immediate research environment but whose activities contribute significantly to knowledge transfer and raising awareness.

GreenTech Cluster Styria
Green Tech Valley is the global centre for innovative energy-related and environmental technologies. Located in Styria, it unites 200 companies and research institutions in developing the green technologies of the future.

The CCCA is an official member of the GreenTech Cluster.

Climate KIC
The CCCA and the representatives of Climate KIC in Austria coordinate joint activities and the CCCA also lends its support in scouting start-ups.

Business Partners & Recommendations

Regarding workshops, press conferences, and other organisational matters, it is of vital importance to the CCCA that their partners (for print matters, catering, transport, etc.) adhere to the guidelines for green meetings and sustainability.

The CCCA has had the best experiences printing fact sheets, flyers, cards, etc.

Fantastic vegetarian caterer who uses local and seasonal, purely organic produce.

Tischlein deck Dich
Outstanding organic catering for our K3 conference in Salzburg – from coffee break and lunch to a wonderful finale of the evening.

Strategic partnerships

The position of the CCCA has been optimised through strategic partnership contracts to devise collective approaches and so that future activities can be carried out in our strategic partners’ best interest.