Operational Units of the CCCA

CCCA Coordination Office

The CCCA Coordination Office provides administrative and content-related support for all activities of the association, the Management Board, the General Assembly, for specific working groups, other bodies, and all CCCA members. It thus promotes the preparation of CCCA activities and ensures their continuity.

The Coordination Office’s tasks include, among other things:

•    preparation and follow-up of meetings
•    administration of the association’s organizational issues, incl. statutes and rules of procedure
•    CCCA public relation activities
•    account management for all CCCA activities
•    operational support to the HRSM cooperation project
•    support of the exchange between and among all CCCA bodies and institutuions
•    support to the science plan working group
•    organization of the annual Austrian Climate Day


Ingeborg Schwarzl (Head of the Coordination Office)

Julia Kolar (Project Coordinator)

Stefanie Valerius (Office Management)

CCCA Service Centre

The Service Centre is the CCCA’s knowledge hub and networking agent. Based in Graz, the Service Centre was established in 2012 by the University of Graz, the Graz University of Technology, and Joanneum Research as supporting institutions. The Service Centre contributes to all CCCA objectives sees itself as a service provider and as the network’s interface for internal and external communication and collaboration. The Service Centre’s responsibilities are:

•    network reinforcement activities and knowledge transfer measures
•    being the CCCA’s central and neutral contact point for all matters and questions concerning climate change, causes and impact on science as well as on politics, economy, and society
•    to promote the visibility of Austrian research performance on an international level
•    to represent an interface between science and its application and to foster and facilitate adequate communication between the two parties.


Matthias Themeßl (Head of the CCCA Service Centre)

Angelika Wolf (Network Coordinator)

Stefan Ropac (Network Coordinator)

Heide Spitzer (Office Management)

CCCA Data Centre

As a CCCA unit, the Data Centre ensures access to data relevant for climate research as well as to models, research resources, model results, and literature. The data made accessible includes, for instance, observation and measurement data, scenario data, quantitative and qualitative data, as well as the measurement data and findings of research project.

The Data Centre serves also as the data interface for the CCCA service centre by providing
•    centralized access to relevant meta-information on how to use and evaluate the data provided
•    systematic documentation of and access to the findings of Austria-related climate scenarios
•    providing contact information of data authors and experts to provide detailed information on the available data.


Chris Schubert (Head of the Data Centre)

Georg Seyerl (System Administration)